My misson for man

is to be a fierce loving truth to wake up and sharpen the masculine to become what it longs to be, a carrier of love, safety and integrity.

My mission for woman

is to be an embodied safe place by knowing my truth and supporting her to relax, heal and find her safety and mature vibrant radiance within. 

I am devoted to creating a world of connection and love by supporting my own, and others potential to live an epic life connected to love, joy and safety.

I want to make a lasting imprint in the people I meet through helping them experience their natural potential as well as seeing and meeting them where they are as perfect and complete. In essence supporting the experience of living as the expression of your authentic truth and wisdom.

My coaching is a combination of Eastern and Western wisdom to empower and promote spiritual grounded methodologies as well as neuro, trauma and attachment theory.   

I’m committed to Iive my highest priorities unappologetically with an open heart and show my truth.

Some of the methods i use

  • Nervous system regulation and understanding
  • Trauma Release Therapy
  • Inner child work
  • Inner family system
  • Somatic practises
  • NLP and Non-Violent-Communication
  • Attachment theory and NARM
  • Breathwork and meditation practises
  • Practices to deepen connection to your divine masculine and feminine (we all have both) 
  • and much more...

Certifications and experience

  • Master Coach Certification (Elementum Coaching Institute)
  • International Coaching Federation, ICF (Coachcom)
  • Inner Growth Management, including the Gap and Leadership from within, based on Google leadership (Mindsunlimited)
  • Modigt Ledarskap
  • >5 years experience of leadership facilitation for companies and organisations with coaching, public speaking and group programs
  • 10 years of project management and consulting as civil engineer in Environmental and Aquatic Technologies
  • 12 years of courses in various fields like Tantra, Couple courses, Meditation, Breathwork and more)
  • 5 years of experience of leading Mensgroups including co-facilitating the New Warrior Training with the ManKind-project. Also co-created on of the first Rites-of-Passage retreats for young boys and there fathers.
  • Several years of own trauma therapy and relationship coaching in my private life and I keep having support as this is so important to me to keep growing in this field and have capacity to be with life and enjoy it fully.