My mission for companies

is to model and teach an emotional intelligent leadership where the wholness of the employees are taken into account. With increased phsycological safety the the full potential of both leaders and companies are enabled.

After 10+ years of being a civilengineer and consultant, working for the largest companies in my field, I have personal experience of what I see is missing in todays style of leadership. Its not more skills in what we do, its how we create the best conditions to support each other to full function.


Together with previous HR-manager, author and coach Helena Önneby I have created a leadership program that empowers organisations and companies to create emotionally intelligent and safe leaders. 

Leaders that from their highest potential can spread their wisdom and create thriving workplaces and great results.


These one time events are focused on how to create phsycological safety in you workplace and giving support to the full organisation to implement tools and rutines to build a sustainable value based culture where you build resources to meet the ever changing nature of everything from deadlines to life at large.

These events are designed after a first call where we dive deeper into the challenges that are present in the group and the direction you which to move.


Give your event an inspiring start that both have depth and humor. You will leave with new insight, more presence and feel closer to both yourself and colleaques.

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