Are you ready to own yourself fully?

You might have done all the things, got the job, the money but still feel empty and lost inside. Numb to deeper passion, insecure around the feminine and to show yourself fully in life. You might have a hard time to act towards your highest good, in fear of shame if you fail.

You might find it challenging to keep and build deep relationships and to understand your partner, building up resentment and experience a loss in intimacy over time. 

This is the work to move into embodied confidence and your natural power, becoming the man you where born to be.

You are needed and its time!


Are you living the life you truly desire?

You might not feel seen and heard, feel disconnected to both self and others or numb to life with lack of inner passion and lust in professional and/or love life. 

You might be waking up to a reality in your relationships that is not what you deeply desire, where the men you are with are unavailable and you settle for less than your heart desires.

Through trauma release, somatic practices, guidance in the shadows around modern masculinity I supporting you to understand men and reconnect to inner safety.

Maybe you can see how deep beliefs of not feeling good enough or that you are too sensitive/complicated/emotional make you live life as behind a mask longing for deep safety to let all go and become authentic again. With connection to your nature of divine feminine that you are the expression of.


Very few of us have had role models in how to create healthy relationships. Personally I have found relationships to be the places of the most love and joy as well as struggle and hardship.

Whatever traumas we carry from our attachment to our parents this is where they will show up. This is a challenge but also a great opportunity to heal and generate safety and intimacy. 

I believe that struggles in now way is a sign of a bad relationship, but it is how we handle them and if we grow and learn as we go. 

The couples coaching is hands-on with both exercises in between sessions as well as guidance during live calls.